Visiting Professionals

Over the decades the home has developed a really close relationship with Testvale Surgery and we have a routine weekly doctor’s round where our dedicated GP gets to know all our residents and can provide additional support to our excellent nursing team. We would like to thank a whole generation of experienced GP’s like Dr Threlfal who have provided support and expertise beyond what we could have ever expected.

We have access to a range of health professionals who can become involved in supporting our residents. We work with professionals in speech therapy, dieticians or specialist health services when required. 

Everything is centred around our residents, we want to know what makes them the person they are, how they like spending their day, who is important to them and what makes them the unique character they are. We are all different but most of us look forward to fantastic home-cooked food, somewhere warm and safe to live, surrounded by friendly people who care about us and where we have lots of different things to do and enjoy. With this in mind we provide a range of visiting professionals that include: 

  • GP Dr Rebecca Ferriman (Testvale Surgery ) visits every Wednesday with the Pharmacist.
  • Our hairdresser (Debbie) comes on a Tuesday and Wednesday or residents can have their own.  
  • We have our own Physiotherapist Malina who comes on a Saturday but we also use NHS physiotherapist when required 
  • Millbrook Dental Clinics Community Dentist visits.
  • Community Occupational Therapists visit if we require their help
  • Tissue Viability Nurses 
  • We are excellent with end of life care but we do link in with Oakhaven hospice and Countess Mountbatten Hospice (Mountbatten Hampshire) for advice and training.  
  • Chiropodist comes every 8 weeks and community podiatry visit.
  • Specsavers for eyes and hearing aid tests and treatment.

The CQC Inspector discovered the following 

”The register manager told us they had flexible and fast access to a range of health professionals. Staff and people told us they did not have to wait long for the appropriate professional to become involved. One staff member said, “We have so many different professionals on tap. No waiting lists and professionals become involved straight away at the time they are needed”. Staff also said that working with other professionals helped them understand people’s needs and provide better care and support. One visiting health care professional told us, “The home is proactive in seeking our input. They carry out our instructions to the letter and are very good at what they do. I look after several homes in the area but this is up there with the best”

What people say