We take a holistic approach to care which to us means understanding the whole person first before we even pick up a pen to devise a care plan. Food and mealtimes are typically highly enjoyable part of the day. Our Kitchen Manager has worked with us for nearly thirty years and she runs a team dedicated to preparing fresh home-cooked dishes primarily sourced from high-quality local suppliers. If liver and bacon casserole, toad in the hole, treacle sponge and custard or apple crumble doesn’t put a smile on your face then it will probably add an inch or two to your waistline.

Generally, we offer traditional meals with the odd foray into well known Indian and Italian cuisine. Breakfast is anything you want, from porridge to a full English breakfast. We do have a weekly menu plan but we like to ask on the day what residents want to eat, not the day before or even week before that some homes do.

We also have a dedicated pastry chef who has the touch with celebration cakes and everything that seldom appears in slimming books. Our kitchen, like our laundry service, is purpose-built and regularly scores five stars when inspected for hygiene standards by the local council.

What our last CQC Inspection revealed

“We observed a mealtime during our inspection at Laurel Care Home. Mealtimes were relaxed and friendly with people choosing where they wanted to eat their meals. Tables were attractively laid out with tablecloths and place settings. Some people enjoyed a happy sing along while they were waiting for their meal. People’s choices were respected if people wished to eat their meal in private. People received home-cooked meals that were planned to ensure they received healthy, nutritious food. They had a choice of drinks which included a choice of alcohol or soft drinks and fruit juices. One person told me, “I do so enjoy a glass of wine with my meal.” We spent time talking with the cook who knew people very well. They spoke knowledgeably about their food likes and dislikes and how people needed support to eat their food safely. The kitchen cook told us they were not restricted to a budget. This ensured people did not feel deprived of their favourite meal and could choose what they wanted to eat.”

What people say