Our Residents

"I like to go in the garden if it's a nice day. I have my own swing seat. I ring my buzzer and someone takes me out. Sometimes they will sit and talk with me if I want them too and sometimes I like my own company. I take a buzzer with me so I can ring when I want to come back in".

"Oh yes and that's the great thing. I feel safe and looked after by kind people".

 "I feel very safe and looked after here".

"I like to stay in my room but if I need help I only need to press my buzzer once and they come very quickly. They also come in and check that I'm ok frequently".

 "Its lovely here, very safe. I feel quite at ease knowing my relative is in safe hands".’

"They know I like to have female carers so I do".

"Sometimes I just like a day in bed. I am not poorly, I just feel like it. The carers let me stay in bed and make sure I have everything I need".

Visiting Healthcare Professionals

"The home is pro-active in seeking our input. The carry out our instructions to the letter and are very good at what they do. I look after several homes in the area but this is up there with the best".

"It is an excellent well run care home. The end of life care I have witnessed is delivered in a kind and compassionate manner. The staff, here, really do go the extra mile and show the utmost understanding and empathy".


"I know dad needs help for most things but that doesn't stop the staff asking him each time. They try so hard to encourage him to do things for himself but are always there for him when he needs them".

"We are pretty involved so we get plenty of notice if anything is going to change"

"Its lovely here, very safe. I feel quite at ease knowing my relative is in safe hands".’

"We certainly felt all the staff helped make X [person] as comfortable as possible and we are comforted that she was with people who genuinely cared at the end"

"The nursing staff and all the carers do a fantastic job that most would never do, you are all angels"

"The carers had me in tears many times because they were so kind to X [person] and also to me"  "Thank you all so much for being so kind and caring. You touched dad's life in a very special way during his time at Laurel Care Home. He was very fond of you all".