Types of Care

Laurel Care Home is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide high quality residential and nursing care to 60 residents in spacious individual rooms with en-suite facilities.

Since every prospective resident is accessed  prior to moving in we can completely tailor our care levels to the needs of each individual. Examples of the care provided:

  • Residential care with some nursing input for residents that enjoy life but need extra support with mobility or illness. By choosing a high quality nursing home now you will not be faced with a further move when your nursing needs become greater
  • Respite care for individuals and families that need a break from the stresses and strains of coping with life 24/7
  • High quality nursing care with particular strengths in managing:
    - Diabetes
    - Wound Care
    - Parkinson’s
    - Stroke Care
    - PEG feeding
    - Heart Disease
    - COPD/Respiratory conditions
    - Sensitive end-of-life palliative Care


Comments by CQC Inspector

‘The register manager told us they had flexible and fast access to a range of health professionals. Staff and people told us they did not have to wait long for the appropriate professional to become involved. One staff member said, "We have so many different professionals on tap. No waiting lists and professionals become involved straight away at the time they are needed". Staff also said that working with other professionals helped them understand people's needs and provide better care and support. One visiting health care professional told us, "The home is pro-active in seeking our input. The carry out our instructions to the letter and are very good at what they do. I look after several homes in the area but this is up there with the best".’

‘People were supported by staff to make decisions about their end of life care. They were supported by the staff at the home, the GP and visiting health care professionals.  The registered manager gave an example where due to the good care a person was receiving, their expected lifespan had been increased and the person continued enjoying a good quality of life. The actions the provider had taken helped to ensure people had the end of life experience that they wanted, in the place they wanted it to be. A GP told us, "The home does not have the Gold Standard Framework (GSF) accreditation in end of life care because everything needed to care for people at end of life is in place and working well".’