Laurel Lodge

By the end of 2016 we hope to open a traditional oak framed barn that will be used for a range of activities, for staff training and as a meeting point for local health care professionals to focus on key issues. The barn was built in-house using local oak harvested from the New Forest and cut at Soffe’s wood mill at Winsor. The base was built by Blaydon builders who are based at Lyndhurst and who have helped us with a number of high quality extensions. The oak primary timbers were cut by hand by Andy Phelan and Laurence and the building was put together with the help of Joe Smith and Pat. The building is clad in Douglas Fir cut at East Brothers saw mill in East Dean.

The primary purpose of the lodge is to provide residents and their families with a completely different environment to the main house. It will be stripped back in terms of equipment and the heating system will be boosted by a wood burning stove. There will be tea and coffee making facilities and a toilet , comfortable chairs and lighting. Mostly though there will be a chance to get away from it all and share quality time with loved ones. For some of our residents with mobility issues we hope it will be as stimulating and as invigorating as a trip to Winchester or Salisbury for some of the more spritely characters.

When not in full swing as quiet zone for families we envisage it being used as a yoga area for staff, a craft area for resident activities, a place where local medical experts in Dementia, Parkinsons, Diabetes and other challenging conditions can brief staff and local healthcare professionals and a valuable resource for GP’s and other professionals to exchange ideas and improve community services.