We have two lively professional activity co-ordinators at the home who put a great deal of energy into finding out what our residents would like to do and then organising events and activities around them. The emphasis is on actively listening to residents first and devising a suitable programme not squashing residents into a fixed calendar of events.

Activities can be small things taking two close friends out to the garden for a private chat and a cup of tea or it can be major event like the annual fete.

The activities our residents enjoy include:

  • Baking day
  • Beach day (including crabbing and pub visit)
  • Flower arranging
  • Bingo
  • A range of visiting entertainers
  • Film night
  • Men’s day
  • Planned physical mobility sessions
  • Annual Fete


What the Inspector said

‘Activities were planned in advance by the activities co-ordinator and people living at the home. ... One person told us, "When we do cooking on a Thursday, whatever we bake in the morning we have in the afternoon with a cup of tea". On the day of our inspection a visiting singing group entertained people in the lounge.  One person said, "I look forward to this every week. It is always well attended. Sometimes it clashes with other things going on but it isn't a problem. You never get bored here". We saw a folder containing pictures of people enjoying various activities. ‘

‘The activities co-ordinator told us, "I like to take photos and it also means that relatives can see what the people have been doing. Sometimes they [relatives] might say, 'my relative doesn't do anything', so I can show them the photos". For people who did not wish to join in with activities, or for those people who had specific welfare needs time was set aside by the activities co-ordinators for one to one personal support in people's rooms or an area in the home of their choice. People we spoke with found this to be of great comfort especially with helping people to write letters or to have someone to talk with.’